Royale de monte carlo


Created and produced by 5th generation master distillers, located in the heart of the world famous Cognac region of France. Utilizing a recipe from 1863 adhering State Of The Art Technology.

Royale de Monte Carlo


Royale de Monte Carlo is an Ultra Premium, silky, icy cool, and superior smooth vodka with its unique exotic taste and long-lasting euphoric pleasure.  Royale de Monte Carlo Vodka was voted as the “World’s Most Prestigious Vodka” ™.  Created and produced by 5th generation master distillers, located in the heart of the world-famous Cognac region of France.

The superior qualities of Royale de Monte Carlo Vodka stem from the finest ingredients and rigorous unique alkaline purification process used in its production, by taking full advantage of the wisdom by the distillers of Charente, and the traditions of the Cognac region with a perfected recipe.  It is therefore bottled at 40% Alcohol by Volume and 80 proof.  Strictly made with the fermentation of the best cereals from the Champagne Belt.  A Government Controlled distillation and unique state-of-the-art filtration process using champagne limestone, give it that special prestigious and subtle unraveled aroma and extraordinary pleasant exotic touch.

~ Royale de Monte Carlo Vodka is an ¨Ultra Premium Top Shelf Choice.

Royale de Monte Carlo


Nine (x9) times nanotechnology distilled from the finest French grain; changing the texture of the liquid making it thinner than water.

You may enjoy Royale de Monte Carlo Vodka straight or use in cocktails to experience the euphoric taste & feel of Royalty.

Liquid molecules are smaller 1/10th the size making it the smoothest vodka to graze any pallet releasing its euphoric pleasure.

Royale de Monte Carlo


Completely odorless, without burn the tasting notes for it’s finish are exotic.

The opening bouquet smell of minerals offers muted aromas of corduroy, cognac barrel and slate; further air contact releases scents of grain mash and husk.

Far more enjoyable in the palette, Royale de Monte Carlo’s entry taste is ultra silky smooth, sweet and moderately grainy; by mid palate the rich satiny texture due to nanotechnology underscores the intense graininess and dryness. Finishes champagne limestone dry and grainy with an euphoric effect.

The label for Royale de Monte Carlo vodka includes the trade-marked slogan "World’s Most Prestigious Vodka"™



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